Friday, December 3, 2010

My Massage Experience

My friend in a PR agency told me about his client, the incredible offers that they make. So I picked up vouchers for a massage at TT footcare for my family and myself. I chose the cash on delivery options for the vouchers which were to be delivered to me in 3 working days but it took dealsandyou and Aramex about 5 days to deliver. Since they were plain printouts and no special voucher I wondered (being an operations guy always focusing customer centric approach) why they didn’t let me pick up from their office, never wanted to wait for 3 days of delivery time

A couple of personal life problems didn’t allow me to use them; out of the fear of vouchers getting expired I pushed my family to use it. They came home pretty satisfied and relaxed with the experience and all gaga about the no oil, no mess and lots of stretching during their massage time. With my raised expectations I booked myself for a 7:30 pm massage on Dec 1, just a day before the voucher expired. Since I already knew that there would be no oil which meant no stripping down to that ultra undie, I went in my track pants and a workout T-shirt

So I arrived on time at the TT footcare’s Gurgaon centre, gave the coupon to the lady at frontdesk, took off my shoes and started browsing through Asian Spa magazine. I must have just flipped 10 pages when I was greeted by a north eastern girl, who was there to do the service. Lot of thoughts crossed my mind, thanks to the stories I have heard about massage parlors. Let me tell I am a person who prefers a male masseuse to female, not comfortable with certain things in life, You See!

So the massage started, me on lying on my stomach and the lady pressing the acupressure points in my feet. It felt good at the start as the driving in Delhi traffic is so nice that at night your feet actually ache of the A-B-C of driving. (Constantly of Accelerator + Brake + Clutch).I loved the lower body relaxation that came after the acupressure & massaging of feet and legs with lower body stretches. Now I was expecting since 45 minutes of 90 has been spent on my lower body, it should feel good after the second half of massage time is spent on the upper. So the lady started with the acupressure points around the spine, in my head I was like god I should have been a king with a masseuse to my disposal every night, to relax my muscle and let me slip in my dream sleep. The thought ran out as soon as the back stretch started and I was back in the massage room. The lady tried her best to stretch and hear the cracking sound of stress in m back going away, but she didn’t know that my everyday morning stretch routine is a step further. The second half passed by quickly and by the end of it I wasn’t too sure or satisfied if I got what I expected. I was relaxed yes but not really. Even before I was out of the massage room and putting on my shoes, I had started comparing my massage experience at Shangri La, Delhi  and Leela, Gurgaon to the one I really missed the right pressure that the lady applied to relax my muscles of all the stress that my desk job leaves me with. So I lit a cigarette, so that I could convince me to drive 5 kms to home. My family was waiting for me at the dinner table and I did gobble a lot that night. The massage was nice and definitely value for money. I guess I may go back, since I really want a cheaper option for massage. Leela, Shangri La or any other 5 star spas will have to wait for the special occasions in life

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will have to check !! i been wanting to have one myself since ages !!