Monday, April 7, 2008

World Health Day – My own Meandering experiences

Technology has made our life so dependent on it that wherever we seek help we find it to our rescue. The love of cycling that I have had from my school days, made me register myself with the Delhi cycling club, a yahoo group on the internet. I have not been cycling after school which makes it a year less than a decade. Now don’t calculate my age as that would be being rude to me. I guess whenever you follow your passion, even if after a few tries, you get there but of course it doesn’t necessarily apply to a crazy little thing called Love. A day before April 7, 2008 – World Health Day the Delhi cycling club has organized a 16 km bike trip around Lutyens Delhi.

In my anticipation of a good bike trip tomorrow morning and the hope of meeting few people who would have interest to cycle in and around Delhi I borrowed my younger cousin’s (if you meet him you will say I am the younger cousin) bicycle to join the event tomorrow. This is after my search for a good bike to ride and Enjoy. After all, happiness is in moments and we just need to find such moments.

In pursuit of my passion, a hobby in making, I met Johan (a young at heart Brit) today who has been in Delhi for work. He is working on an environment friendly project making the world a better place for you, me and the entire human race. Like me he is looking forward to meet people tomorrow with similar interests. Let’s hope we find something that we all are looking for.

April 6, 2008 – The morning sunshine seems to be refreshing bringing a smile on my face for the hope of good bike ride around Delhi in just a couple of hours. Mobeen aka Mobz, my friend - has agreed to be my caddie (not on the golf course but for the event). He said a yes to take some real nice pictures rather memories which I plan to share on the yahoo group and the blog I intend to post this on. Couple of hours to go and I hope these hours will be enjoyed for the love of cycling and the good cause of celebrating World’s Health Day.

Its 8:30 in the morning, listening to the tunes of Tequila Sunrise, here I am standing at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate. I see fellow bikers all set to ride. Some with the perfect biking gear with their Helmet and water bottles and some, waiting to savor the pure biking pleasure. Different faces, different cultures, different nationalities they all seem to be non existent as the group comes together to ride. A while before we leave we are greeted by our Dear law enforcers the Delhi police, represented by an inspector with a wireless set insisting that making move is as important as his law enforcement in the area. The only question that popped up in my head was “Are we really a threat? A group of people who have come together to promote environment friendly means” but nevertheless we move like an elephant enjoying his walk while the dogs chase you around.

Cycling from the India Gate to the Presidential place was slow, people trying to know people, cycling the talk but enjoying the ride. Paparazzi to the stars, media to the common man followed us with their gadgetry MUV’s making us feel like prisoners to our own city. Riding the slope to the Presidential Place was a nice feeling. One of the riders with his pillion rider barely managed riding uphill until an American gave him that extra push to make it through. The guy was glad he could make it and me worried about the next 14 kms that he was going to. He definitely did his homework of learning about the North and the South Block and the ministry of affairs Operating out of the two blocks. He definitely wanted to educate people about the homework he did but to others, riding was of prime interest than anything else. From here we headed to Nehru Park, a huge joggers park in the heart of the Diplomat city of Delhi – Chankyapuri. It was the pit stop for us but almost all wondered why we had a pit stop for a 16 kilometer ride. I understood the importance after I was back on the saddle of my bike from the 30 minute session knowing fellow riders. The Delhi cycling club definitely thought through before planning the session as they helped us by providing us with water, bananas and a mango drink that we remember with the punch line “Fresh & Juicy, mango frooty”. This time on the saddle we definitely felt the pace. En route to India Gate, where we all were to meet up again but this time around to end the event we started a couple of hours ago I had not only the sun shining on me but also my hard luck shining on me as I was blessed with a front wheel flat tyre. With no equipment to fix it I rode the last leg of 1.5 kilometers trying to keep pace with others and realizing that it really is difficult. We concluded the ride about 500 meters before the starting point.

I always say Expectation leads to Disappointment. I was disappointed when I started, refreshed after the break and contended and happy to make to the finishing point at the end. Talking to Ramona from New York, now based in New Delhi, Tarun who runs a pharmaceutical unit, Johan who is in Delhi on an environment project, Sunny and Kumar from East Delhi, I think these were the riders who made my ride interesting. Tarun’s young son Pavit who made it from the start to the finish on his own “Firefox junior” was an inspiration to ride more. The young fella rode 16 kilometers with a smile on his face. Kudos to Pavit and his will power. I thought if only I could be that strong with all my decisions in life. Life’s like that and enjoying every moment gives us pleasure.

Thanks to the club for getting people to meet and ride for a common cause – Environment and World’s Health Day.

Not to forget Mobz my patient friend who drove me and the bike to and fro India Gate from Gurgaon in his hatchback and patiently waiting for me to finish. His efforts will always be appreciated and remembered.

So until we meet again Cheers – live to Ride and ride to live.