Monday, January 3, 2011

" Nissan Micra - The One "

Ego can put a heavy dent in your pocket if you don’t tame it. In 2004 I bought my first car Maruti Suzuki Esteem Lxi, packed with features like Power steering, power windows, power this and power that; I was the kid with an Ego, who bought his first Saloon with three years of hard earned, harder saved money at 24. Our house had just got its first 'real' car in 24yrs. The last one was a Fiat bug, with retractable roof that my father owned.2010 was the year when the Indian car buyer moved from the power saloon to the uber cool hatchbacks. On a larger note, egos were tamed and pocketed, and people started to prefer driving the feature packed hatchbacks or 'small car' as one of my friends calls it than the saloon considering the growing traffic and parking problems. It was also my era of awakening and after romancing my lxi for good six years, i took a clue from the bypassing small cars during office rush and spending extra time in finding the right space before reaching every destination.My ego was still untamed and this time i lost heart to Nissan Micra, fully loaded, straight from the assembly line; its my second car. My reasons of writing this article are many but the one that Tops my list is “The satisfaction and Pride of driving a NISSAN”. I am going to write this blog in phases, as my journey from Maruti Suzuki Esteem to Nissan Micra has been, i.e.
o My Available Options
 o From Many to “The One”
o Max Value from the Deal
o The Buying Process
o The First 1000 kms Drive
o The Running Cost and the Service Experience
The blog is in parts because I am going to write each mile, mile by mile. Isn’t that the way life goes…….

In this journey of life I am burning rubber no soul……so came back to read more