Thursday, October 14, 2010

8 Useful Twitter Tips: My Micro Blog Experience

So here I am sitting at my office desk writing my next blog entry “My Micro Blog Experience called Twitter”. My reason to write this is not another blog post but to help all those who are new to twitter and striving to get in the grove and flaunt the followers count. In the post I shall also share 8 tips which could be of use to anyone, trying their hand at the micro blog. This is basis my experience of 2121 tweets over a long period of time.

My reason for starting the account was plain and simple, Can I have followers? Over time the reason has evolved from ‘as many’ to ‘lets build relations’. To an extent I have been successful, remember each one of you reading this would define the word differently. My definition: The following and follower ration to day stands at 1.69.

Twitter helped me make some friends and it isn’t that I have no friends in real life these are some friends that I made
@ccitsme -
Bio: Sinner not a Saint! And lot of naughty stuff gets twitted by her, often indirectly and not always her fault, I like it that way
@jjenpenwen –
Bio: Sign Language Interpreter on a VSO placement in New Delhi. Geek-in-training, potential tree-hugger, a bit opinionated.
Bio: Chocoholic, Apple 'freak. Enjoys her wine. Loves good conversation .Needs retail therapy. A foodie. Thrives on music. Ex-cosmo gal, loves all things pink. Needs a book by nite.
Bio: Social Media Analyst, Community Manager. Chief qT at 2020social. Writer. Blogger. Dreamer. Creative person.

The friendship is like mutually benefitting one wherein you seek and you give out. There have been times when I found a business opportunity for my budding PR Company too. At other times twitter has kept entertained when I was getting bored. The experience has been a mixed one, there was a time when I did not login at all for weeks, and sometimes just logged in for the sake of it and then I started getting a hang of things.

So let me share few things that I picked up as I walked the line, read on, they may help.

  • Don’t be the one who blows their own trumpet: How many times have you seen a celebrity, a chef, a restaurant or our ministers telling you why they are the best and ask you to follow them. Be subtle about it if need be.
  • Tweet with each breath: There is limit to everything, people will follow you initially but if you are bombing their timeline like you are on a warfront, firing rapidly. Sorry mate, it does not work here. Respect each one’s timeline ( or space).
  • Don’t weave a hash tag garland in a tweet: Using Hash tag in your tweet is good but I suggest keep it to a maximum of 2 per tweet. More than that it seems like you desperate to get noticed and get followers. Law of nature “More desperate you are for something and farther it goes from you”. Its better to put sensible tweets there followers should follow.
  • Mixed Tweets: A mix of links, videos, pictures and Information/text works. If you only tweet pictures or links, people who don find them interesting will just click “Unfollow”. Engage your followers with everything and not just one.
  • Don’t just Direct Message everything: Twitter gives you the option of sending a direct message for saying what you wouldn’t want everyone to know. Don’t use to flirt or being a pervert, use DM for what it is meant to be.
  • Retweet: That’s a great option to let your followers know what you found interesting. Retweeting everything means that you don’t have a taste, you just retweet. Retweet when its important, useful, or has a value. 
  • Profile Information: Use a twitter name that you relate with, you always have a choice but more importantly make sure you pack information into your Bio section intelligently. I followed someone because I liked the profile and the user followed back. Reason: User like my interesting bio and tweeted about following me because of interesting bio. People follow you for what you are or tweet about. 
  • Display Picture: Choose a display picture that you think would help a prospective follower relate with and try to sync up with your bio. A picture may tell a story that words can not. Choose what you feel like, Don’t be a Pervert or a Porn star.
  • Sharing Videos and Pictures: One can choose to share videos and picture through different ways. Two simple ways can be posting the video or picture on the Facebook or Google+  page and sharing the  link, or one can use the different apps available like instagram or yfrog to share them.

While the tips may be endless, given my twitter experience these 8 tips are helpful. So go on and enrich your twitter experience and let me know if you found them useful too, use the comment section below.

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