Thursday, July 8, 2010

My First Delhi Metro Ride

It’s been almost two years since I had written my first blog about my cycling experience in Delhi, a ride with the Delhi cycling club and Delhi cycling google group. The ride was slow and I never went back to cycle again. The club had a different agenda than my own. Past is past and each one of us has to move on because life goes on.

My recent ride in the Delhi metro from Gurgaon to my office in Sultanpur was full of mixed feelings.

My experience started with the five minute walk from my home to the bus stop and lucky enough to get into the bus without a wait. The bus ticket of INR 3/- to the metro station was seemingly cheap. The first impression of the metro M.G. road station in Gurgaon was “It’s definitely clean”. The fares for metro are definitely cheaper than a bus or your car. Buying the ticket to Qutab station (INR 16) in Delhi, getting through the security, waiting for the metro at the platform and getting in, was all good in the morning. The unavailability of any feeder service at Sultanpur station in Delhi rather no availability was a completely dampener. The 3 km walk to my office was really long not because I have problem walking; it was long because when I reached worked I was sweating like a pig. I am sure no one likes to be drenched in sweat while they start their day.
My walk in the evening was actually fine, I enjoyed it but the attitude of the guy at the Sultanpur station’s ticket counter was not called for. I tendered a 100 rupee note and promptly he said “No change”, a little shouting and his cash till had all the change. Gosh, why do people just act difficult and don’t want to learn anything about customer service. What irritated me was not the statement but the way it was said. It’s always about “How you say and not what you say.”
The auto ride from M.G Road to home was really funny especially because I was sitting in the back of the auto facing the traffic behind it. People in their cars just stare at you as if you are a clown or something.
Hope Metro team introduces the feeder service soon, till then I guess it is my dear car.

Cost of driving everyday: INR 300
Cost of Travelling in Metro: INR 50
Experience: My first
Would I travel again: May Be?
Will you?

You can visit the Delhi Metro website at:

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